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Black Swan was created in the seminar BlackSwan: Automated annotation of global statistics at the chair Information Systems at the Hasso Plattner Institute.

Team members
Team members include (left to right):

  • front row
    • Sven Viehmeier
    • Armin Zamani Farahani
    • Andrina Mascher
    • Cindy Fähnrich
  • middle row
    • Thorsten Papenbrock
    • Sören Discher
    • Benedikt Forchhammer
    • Stephan Richter
    • Stefan Lemme
  • back row
    • Christoph Peschel
    • Thomas Stening
    • Peter Retzlaff
Supervised by:

  • Prof. Felix Naumann
  • Johannes Lorey


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